Building a Search Engine on Google Kubernetes Engine

A presentation at DevFest Bangalore in in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India by Aravind Putrevu

Building a web application to solve a business problem is easy in today’s world. But, how about creating an experience that lets your user spend more time on the service. To do that essentially, we need to equip the application with quintessential features like “Search”. And “Search” is omnipresent in everything that we do today

Most of the websites like eCommerce, Food Delivery, Social media rely on search. Search is the constant foundation.

In this talk, we will primarily, bring up a scalable search engine in Google Kubernetes Engine and build a react based web app within minutes. We will look at autocomplete, showing appropriate results for queries, promote certain content, analytics around what users are searching etc.

All, live from the stage.


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