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It takes years to reach at the position where American Standard Circuit stands now. ASC Inc. took a step ahead in pcb manufacturerindustry by maintaining highest level of trusted quality in this service providing business. We have a strong and talented team of engineers to design with creativity and in a professional way to design and manufacture the circuits to solve your purpose in a affordable way. ASC Inc. work on various different type of service such as PCB Design & Layout, flex pcb, custom pcb, pcb fabrication, fabricate pcb, pcb manufacturing usa, printed circuit board manufacturers, rigid flex pcb, circuit board manufacturing, rf microwave, pcb board manufacturing & custom pcb printing.and Machining. We also specialize in hdipcb, quick turn pcb, rigid flex, custom pcb board, pcb assembly usa, pcb quote, flex pcb manufacturer, custom printed circuit board, pcb cost, flex pcb manufacturer, custom printed circuit board, pcb cost. Do feel free to give a call to ASC Inc. on (630) 639-5444 to get a quote or answer of any of your query.