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Moh exam is conducted under the Ministry of health and prevention UAE. This exam allow the healthcare professionals to work in various healthcare sector in UAE. Trough Moh medical professionals can work in all seven emirates except Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Moh exam is not based on any particular syllabus. Moh is applicable for physicians, dentists, pharmacist, nurse and medical lab technicians. If you are a medical professional wishing to work in Dubai then need to apply for DHA. After getting DHA license you can practice your profession in Dubai. Once the DHA is passed then healthcare professionals do not have to face any other tests. I order to get Moh and DHA license choose the best institution for you study. For attending Moh, the candidate should have minimum 2 year work experience. oet coaching in kottayam expertise in helping medical professionals. Best immigration consultancy kottayam is famous for proving quality MOH and DHA training. We are providing test materials and conducting mock tests.