[Keynote] Tips to fight impostor syndrome

A presentation at Data Community Conference in in Bern, Switzerland by Aurélie Vache

Who has not once said the phrase:

  • I sucks
  • I don’t know anything
  • I feel like an impostor
  • I don’t feel legitimate to do this or do that

Some people are convinced that they do not deserve their success, despite the efforts they make to succeed. They often convince themselves that their success is not linked to their work, their personal accomplishment, but simply to luck or the work of others. In fact, they live permanently with a feeling of deception and constantly fear that someone will unmask them from one day to another. Despite my stuttering, I am a speaker, a mentor, a conference organizer and very invested in women in tech and tech communities.

In this talk, we will see what the impostor syndrome is, how it is reflected on a daily basis and we will see that it is not inevitable, on the contrary, that there are tips and tricks for the fight, overcome and improve. And I will also tell you several anecdotes that happened to me, which were very hard and which made me who I am today.

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