Reflective practice

A presentation at NUX Online Talk by Imran Afzal

Whatever role we do, it’s critical that we stay relevant. Continuous learning is a must. There’s very little allowance for our approach or knowledge to stagnate in UX. However, we all lead busy lives in a fast-paced society. Rarely is there a moment to stop and think. If we’re not jumping from one product release to another, we’re feeling the pressure of delivering high quality work, quickly. This can harm our long term success and impact.

However, reflective practice can help. By taking time out to think about our actions, we can learn from our experiences and use that knowledge to evolve our mindset.

During this talk, Imran discusses what it means to reflect on our experiences and the impact of that process on our future. The talk explores the benefits of taking time to reflect, while also providing guidance on introducing reflective practice into your work.


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