Vue.js 101

A presentation at Fluent in in San Jose, CA, USA by Ben Hong

With so many client-side frameworks these days, it can be tough to figure out which one to start with. Vue.js is the perfect gateway framework for taking the first step into the constantly changing client-side framework ecosystem.

Join Ben Hong for a hands-on deep dive into Vue.js. You’ll start from a bare-bones HTML5 template and build three applications from the ground up. Along the way, you’ll explore Vue.js key concepts and learn how it compares to other frameworks like Angular and React.

Topics include:

  • Vue.js overview
  • How Vue.js compares to frameworks like React and Angular
  • Why you should use it
  • Vue.js essential concepts
  • Getting started


The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.

  • Official Vue.js Docs

    Unlike a lot of open source, you will definitely want to check out the docs for Vue.js. They are incredible and a phenomenal reference for you to use as you learn and grow as a Vue.js developer!

  • Frontend Masters: Introduction to Vue.js

    Great introductory course by Sarah Drasner!

  • VueMeetups

    Looking for a local meetup or want to start your own? We have you covered at!