How A Git Based Education Cultivates More Resilient Developers

A presentation at Git Merge in in Brussels, Belgium by Ben Greenberg

A coding education that not only incorporates Git into its education but forms its educational program around Git produces more resilient and more capable developers who can enter a business landscape and grapple with complex challenges. How does structuring an educational program around Git accomplish that?

As a former technical coach at the Flatiron School, I have helped numerous emerging programmers learn the fundamentals of software development and, more importantly, grapple with breaking a problem down into its smallest parts and have done so through using a “Git approach”. This not only teaches good version control but cultivates a genuine troubleshooting mindset that can tackle multifaceted problems and issues, both in the code and in the logic underlying a program. Come and discover how Git is not only the premier version control software but is also a powerful educational tool.