Here’s why you should run Your Car’s Air Conditioner This Winter

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Take a look around: what makes the most usable accessories, especially while commuting in summer? Apart from your car, its air conditioner always proves to be a life saviour in those hot summer days.

While winter is approaching, you may seek less or eventually no service from your car’s air conditioner at some point of time. Most car owners believe that they should forget about their AC system until the warm weather comes around again. But, this is not true at all, as it could be making a car’s air conditioner worse.

As you need it most in summer to keep the interior cool, is there any importance in winter too? However, the air conditioner is associated with cooling down the temperature, but it is equally useful in producing heat.

Is it right to use a car’s air conditioner in winter too?

car ac in winter

You may not need an air conditioner in winter, but it is wise to run it for a few minutes every week. One point that you should take care of is the amount of time. Unknowingly, keeping your vehicle’s air conditioner properly set is an important part of car maintenance that could directly reduce the cost of future repairs.

Similar to the human body, an air conditioning system can freeze up and suffer from poor circulation if it is not in use extended periods of time.

It is important to keep the refrigerant liquid flowing and the system’s parts lubricated because the air conditioner uses the oil for lubrication and a refrigerant for cooling.

Additionally, the HVAC system is very useful because it also serves as a dehumidifier. To be precise, a vehicle consists of an HVAC system, not just an air conditioner. It stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The whole system assists in dehumidification, ventilation, and cooling.

Therefore, you should not be content with just cooling the interior of your car. You can easily manage that humid condition for a better environment.

However, using your cooling system once a week for some time also keeps the air conditioner better in condition, so you can escape that costly car AC repair before summer begins.

What should you do for your car’s air conditioner in winter?

Utilize the air condition even for some time

car ac

A prolonged unused of an air conditioner seems like a rest for the most usable accessory in summer. But, eventually systems that have not been used frequently accumulate bacteria and mould, and when they are turned on, it is unpleasant.

The musty smell needs an application of an anti-bacterial product. However, you’ll need to use your air conditioner frequently and change the cabin filter frequently to avoid this.

The compressor in the car does more than just cool the air before it enters the vehicle. To regulate the temperature inside the car, use the air conditioner compressor in conjunction with the heat setting. It undoubtedly aids in warming up your air conditioner and keeps it in good condition for the upcoming season. By keeping these things in mind, you can easily stay away unnecessary ac compressor repair.

Keep the defrost mode on

car ac defrost

Run your air conditioner in defrost mode for five to ten minutes to clear out extra moisture and stop mildew growth. This also stops unpleasant odours from growing in your car.

As there would be no need for any cooling, the air conditioner would have no use at all. But, you can run it on the defroster setting to clear the residual fog on your car’s windscreen. This function also keeps a part of the air conditioner under processing.

This usually comes in handy as fog is a major threat to drivers, especially in the winter. It can easily distract a driver on the road once there is no clear vision in front.

Refuel your air conditioning system

refuel ac system

Under the heavy workload in the summer, your air conditioner loses a considerable amount of its refrigerant every time you use it. For this reason, the car manufacturer guide for ac gas refill every two years.

If this has been going on for more than two years and you haven’t noticed it, the winter may be the ideal time to top off your AC system’s liquid needs. If you have the necessary equipment and knowledge, you can complete this step; otherwise use the service of an expert at a reliable workshop such as Service My Car.

Avail a full AC service

full ac service

Since your car’s air conditioner needs a lot of downtime in the winter, now is the ideal time to get it fully serviced and get it ready for the workload in the summer. To get a thorough analysis of the system, you can choose ac diagnostics. A little bit of maintenance on your air conditioner now will help keep you cool come summer.

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