Open Source Licenses, Peer Production & Non Code Contributions

A presentation at Ethereum Berlin Meetup: Growing Open Source in in Berlin, Germany by Boris Mann


The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.

  • Kyle Mitchell’s Writings

    Kyle is a lawyer and a software developer. He writes about software licensing broadly, including creating his own, reviewing new open source licenses, and in general exploring topics of business models and open source revenue.

  • Ethereum Swag Store

    Buy awesome Ethereum branded swag — with Ether!

  • Ted Leung: Explaining Commons Based Peer Production, er, Open Source

    Quote from Ted’s blog:

    This is not communism, it’s about preserving the freedom/openness of the web at a basic level, since the software in the commons will be available to anyone, and not controlled by a corporation with a profit motive. It’s about fostering innovation by providing a base that can easily adapted or used as a ground for experimentation. We foster innovation by lowering the threshold so that passionate, talented people can get involved right where they can help the most. In short, commons-based peer production.

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