Lessons from a first time Drupal Camp organizer

A presentation at DrupalCon Europe in in Amsterdam, Netherlands by Camilo Bravo

Contributing to Drupal does not always need to take the form of writing code. There are many ways you can apply your skills that can be helpful to this community. Organizing an event is one such way, though it is arguably not one of the easiest.

Between planning the program, getting people to attend, contacting sponsors, balancing a budget, working on the website, handling unexpected circumstances, and myriad other activities, putting a Drupal Camp together can be challenging. It also seems like we’re constantly reinventing the wheel, which, as programmers, strikes us as quite sinful.

This session will tell the tale of the 2017 Drupal Camp in Quito, Ecuador; how the team approached each of these issues, and how we failed at some of them (but succeeded in others), in an effort to document and share this enriching experience with other potential organizers. We will also talk about a couple of unusual elements that made this event extra special.



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