Accessible Front-End Patterns Masterclass

A presentation at Smashing Magazine Workshops by Carie Fisher

Smashing magazine online workshops 2021

Smashing magazine online workshops 2021

Digital accessibility is the practice of making products — such websites and apps — accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. But accessibility is often an afterthought at the end of a project when a user submits a bug or when legal issues arise — if it is thought of at all.

While digital accessibility can be difficult or frustrating to a lot of people, it doesn’t have to be. By learning a few front-end techniques, utilizing targeted accessibility tools, and making small changes to your everyday workflow, you can have a huge impact on making the digital world more inclusive — without crushing your creativity or sacrificing your sanity!

In this workshop, Carie will present a quick overview of digital accessibility before walking-through the process of creating accessible front-end components from design to development. Throughout the workshop sessions, we will focus on accessibility best practices/guidelines, testing tools, and techniques, as well as cover related assistive technology (AT) devices at each step of the product development lifecycle using live demos.

The attendees will leave the workshop with a deeper understanding of digital accessibility and enough resources to get started designing and building accessible components of their own.


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