Women in Tech: What do we even do?

A presentation at DevOps Notts in in Nottingham, UK by Carolina Gilabert

In this lightning talk, I’ll go over the things that I do on my day to day job that are the same as men, and the things that are different.

After that, I’ll briefly go over what you can do to help bridge that gap, and what I will.


The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.

  • Being Glue - Tanya Reilly

    Tanya’s talk on the glue work that keeps teams running - and who does that work - is a must watch.

  • Lending privilege - Anjuan Simmons

    At a time where current events have people scrambling to do something about the lack of diversity in tech, Anjuan’s talk is full of constructive, practical advice on how we can all lend the privilege we have to benefit others and make our industry more inclusive.

  • No Hard Feelings

    Whether we deal with it or not, we all bring our emotions to work with us. This book is a very readable guide on how to navigate your own and others’ emotions, to ensure you work together in the best way you can.

  • Feminist Fight Club

    This book is fun and practical, for women to identify and counteract sexist patterns in the workplace, and for non-women to recognise where they (or others) might inadvertently enacting some of these patterns. Dismantling the patriarchy is hard work, so I’ll take as much fun as I can get in the process.