5 Common Problems you find during Car Ac Repair Services in Dubai

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5 Common Problems you find during Car Ac Repair Services in Dubai

Summer is here and you are too, what’s your plan for summer days? The same routine will be followed by you, or it would be different. In Dubai, the climate is very hot, and you can’t drive even a single mile. Hot summers bring a change in your life because on hot days you need something cold like cold water, cool breeze and how can you forget the use of AC whether we are at home or in the car or anywhere we want to be, we need AC. Not only AC but yes car AC services besides it too from car AC specialists.

Be your daily office commute or a weekend getaway, traveling without AC is going to be horrible and horrendous. Given that the temperature inside your vehicle cabin can rise to 60°C, checking up on your car AC should be your top priority. There can be a host of problems creeping like low cooling, bad smell, failed compressor and what not. Although regular AC maintenance from car AC specialists should be done on time, it is generally prescribed to get a full car AC service from car AC specialists every year to keep the cooling at maximum efficiency. So, why wait? How AC Works?

We always use AC but, we don’t know how it works, whenever we will know how it works, it will become easy for us to have the best car AC services from car AC specialists. • Compressor: The compressor is responsible for compressing the refrigerant, as its name represents it’s working. It works like a pump that pressurizes the refrigerant and precedes it on to the evaporator. The compressor is directed by a drive-belt which also powers the power steering, water pump, etc.

• Refrigerant:

It is a liquid that is accommodated within the coils of a car AC system that makes the whole cooling thing practicable. The refrigerant used in AC is the R134-a, also called Tetrafluoroethene, it is the most common refrigerant used in AC. Before 1993, the most widely used refrigerant was the R-12 a.k.a Freon that was replaced because of its harmful environmental jolt.

• Condenser:

A condenser is a tracery of coils arranged in a zig-zag pattern that unfastens the heat from the compressed gas. It plays the role of a heat exchanger which cools the refrigerant changing its shape from gas to liquid.

• Evaporator:

The evaporator is opposite to a condenser. It converts the liquid refrigerant back to its gaseous state at the same time dissipating the heat and cooling it further.

• Expansion Valve:

It is also the part of the car’s AC which is used to control the pressure of the AC refrigerant.

• Accumulator:

The dryer unit contains a hygroscopic substance which is superintendent for pulling away moisture that can ooze into the AC system and the cabin.

5 Common Car AC Problems:

Down a few common car AC problems are given by which you can face many more issues and need a Car AC Services Dubai garage or car AC specialist as soon as possible.

1.Car AC not cooling enough

Your Car AC has not enough cooling and that’s because your AC might need some regular services. A proper cleaning might make your AC work again. But it’s a luck. On inspection, you may find the complete AC unit is not working or you are lucky to find it just needs a gas refill.

  1. Bad odor from AC

When you find car, AC is having bad smell, then you need to fix it quickly. You can’t even sit inside the car for a couple of minutes. This is one of the common problems you find during the https://carzillauae.com/car-suspension-repair-dubai/ – Be aware as this never costs you much.

  1. Loud irregular noise.

This noise is irritating. You can’t take it for a second. Its like something broken is accelerating. That is an indication to some major problem in the AC. Most of the case, you will never experience this situation.

  1. Water exuding inside the cabin

This is not a common problem seen so far. Yet it’s a tricky and difficult to handle. You need to visit a car garage offering AC repair services as soon as possible to avoid any major expense.

  1. Engine overheating

This is a major problem and mostly, its expensive. You need to invest a lot in such case. But a reliable garage will further offer some discounts.

AC and engine are somehow attached, as you can see the last point of engine overheating, that’s true if your engine gets overheated, you can find many issues regarding AC and then you need car AC services from an authentic and professional car garage or workshop.


Finding a car garage for a perfect AC Repair Services in a city like Dubai isn’t a big job but finding a good car garage or any workshop which can provide the best car AC services will be a difficult job for you. But we care for you and your car so here the best car garage in Dubai is Carzilla Auto Centre. Carzilla Auto Center is equipped with professionals, latest tools, advanced monitoring, computerized checking and many other modern and latest facilities like this. Carzilla Auto Center services every type of car whether that is a German car, American, Italian, Sports-car, and expensive car, etc. This garage provides you quality work with great precision and all that at a very minimum rate. Friendly environment, free pick and drop facility, free oil change services, free transmission checking service give more light to facilities of this garage. Carzilla Auto Center believes in customer’s satisfaction and trust. An only garage in Dubai which is a dealer alternative is the perfect antidote to all types of car repairing problems. Things are quite smooth and perfect once you visit the car garage. You can also book the free inspection and visit them. Their service advisors will brief you about all the issues in your Car AC.


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