Exposure is key to evidence-based decision making for product teams.

A presentation at BigWP 2020 14 May 2020 in Worldwide by Cathi Bosco

The key to evidence-based decision making for product teams!

Getting just enough research into Agile processes is critical. With this method and formula we can build better products, deeply understand our user’s needs and environments, and ultimately help our clients meet their business goals. I’ll share a formula that works for all members of the product team. We are all making design decisions that impact our work together and we exceed when we expose our software to users. This talk is good for engineers, product owners, product managers, architects, designers, and stakeholders alike.

I’ll share a strategic plan and some quick tactical advice for executing an impactful informal research study for enterprise-scale projects.

No need to speculate, make evidence-based decisions, and grow design maturity across your teams.