Stories in WordPress – Content Creators Delight!

A presentation at WordCamp Asia 2020 in in Bangkok, Thailand by Cathi Bosco

This talk is a walkthrough for content creators introducing an exciting new media experience, Web Stories in WordPress!

Learn from Cathi Bosco (UX Architect, XWP & UXATT) about the power of Stories, the state of Web Stories in WordPress, and what it means to publish the WordPress way. Miina Sikk (Senior Engineer, XWP) will give a high-level overview of the technical side. Gain insights about how we worked with Gutenberg, why we moved away from Gutenberg, the roadmap ahead, and the challenges and goals of creating an incredible visual editor inside WordPress as we pull the curtain back and demonstrate the power of this new media.

We will walk the audience through the creation and expression of this new media format called Web Stories. This visually immersive, storytelling format media is extremely performant and solves a fundamental need for speed, usability, and inclusivity in the multimedia experience.

Exciting times!