All the Ops you need to know to Dev Serverless

A presentation at Serverless Days - Toronto in in Toronto, ON, Canada by Chris Munns

Serverless application development has significantly changed the way that developers are building applications. One of the biggest challenges out there is understanding the operational aspects of this new world without the need to manage servers and operating systems, but still being responsible for availability and performance. What does it mean to have a 100% available system that can’t be monitored for uptime? How should you think about networking in an application where services are invoked via a managed API? If your application is idle for long periods of time, what should your operational dashboards show? I’ll address these questions as well as other common operational duties so that you’ll know, what you’ll need to know.

In this talk I’ll cover the basics of operational duties and tasks that are important for serverless applications. As this is often a confusing topic for developers my aim is to de-mystify some of this and provide some good starting points and a few advanced topics/tricks.