Improving the Responsive Web Design Process in 2016

A presentation at Drupalcon Dublin 2016 in in Dublin, Ireland by Cristina Chumillas

It’s been 6 years since the term Responsive Web Design (RWD) was coined and today is difficult to see new projects without implementing it. But this time has allowed us to see the implementation can be even more important than the technique and the theory.

The RWD covers from the performance to the implementation of patterns and “standard” behaviors to improve usability.

In this session I will review tools, techniques and concepts to improve our projects:

  • Modern Design processes
  • Performance
  • CSS structuring and optimization (CSS Methodologies and Living Styleguides)
  • Fixed-pixel vs relative units (and Viewport Sized Units)
  • Responsive Typography and FOUT, FOIT
  • Images, Responsive images and SVGs
  • Asynchronous loading
  • Proxy-based browsers
  • Beyond the Mouse
  • RWD patterns and Progressively Disclosure