I Know I Should Use SVGs But I Don't Know How

A presentation at Scenic City Summit in in Chattanooga, TN, USA by Colin Lord

Using SVG images are a lot like going to the gym. We all know we should be using them when we write our front end code, but we end up putting it off for another project down the road. And when SVGs are used, they are often implemented in a way that doesn’t unlock their full potential.

During this presentation, we’ll discuss the best practices for SVG implementation and how they vary depending on the size and audience of your site. We will also go through what an SVG sprite is, how to create one, and why they’re awesome. According to Advanced Web Ranking.com, only 3% of sites on the internet use this technique…but 97% of browsers support it!

After this talk, you’ll be ready to work on your SVGs like you’ll be ready to work on your summer body!


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