Measuring Web Performance – Is Your Site As Fast As You Think?

A presentation at Front-End.IL in in Herzliya, Israel by Yonatan Mevorach

Making sure your web site is fast is a key part of delivering a superb user experience. Perhaps you're just now starting out with improving your pages' speed or you've already put a lot of effort into performance optimization.

But have you ever asked yourself what is a fast web site? If a page loads quickly on your machine, does it mean it's fast on your users' devices as well? Can a page that takes 20 seconds to load still be a fast page? How do you actually measure the speed of the web site?

This talk will explain how to go beyond measuring 'page.load' on your dev machine. We'll explore several performance metrics, Synthetic and Real User Monitoring, automation techniques, new browser APIs, measuring custom events, perceived performance, and more.