Hacking the quarantine with Grafana & Electronics

A presentation at Copenhagen Developers Festival in in Copenhagen, Denmark by Yonatan Mevorach

While working from home during quarantine, our team launched a new service. It was important for me to keep tabs on its metrics, but I didn’t have a second monitor just for displaying Grafana Dashboards like we do in the office. But then I had a “Eureka!”-moment. I decided to transform the Wix-branded Mini Arcade machine that was collecting dust on my desk into a Grafana monitor. Only one problem though, I knew nothing about electronics, soldering, or tinkering with hardware in general. But I didn’t let that stop me!

In this talk I’ll showcase this wacky project and explain how lowly software engineers can become mighty hardware hackers. I cover how to reverse-engineer how existing devices work, how to give them “Raspberry-pi brains”, how to create low-level display-drivers to higher-level languages, and how to learn to solder to put everything together.