Freelancers in Brighton, UK

A presentation at Industry Research: Planning and Methods in in Tainan City, Taiwan by Craig Bossley

“CDIT freelancers are prosperous, use a range of different business models in their work, many exploiting cutting-edge technology.” CDIT freelancers are prosperous Gain income from UK clients in addition to local and London clients A high proportion have global clients Use a range of different business models in their work (professionalism) Many use cutting-edge tech They diversify their offerings Promote themselves in different ways to different markets. High levels of innovation Few are ‘forced’ into this mode of work Small minority for higher pay Prefer it to regular employment Intent to expand their freelance activities Aspiration is the driver Personal business ideas Achieve more flexibility and autonomy in lives Many invest time in side-projects Some intended for future monetisation Some equivalent of individual R&D Some passion-projects whether artistic or philanthropic Some find autonomy more convenient for managing family life


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