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A presentation at webclerks Meetup #14 in in Vienna, Austria by Michael Holzer

In 1996 - long before broadband Internet and smartphones, the techno movement was nearing its peak. This year, Michael Holzer founded a start-up to organize ten mega-raves for 200,000 people across Europe. All events should take place at the same time and be networked via TV and the Internet. His entrepreneurial capital was creative know-how, a lot of enthusiasm and strong motivation. But soon he had to realize what was missing. After two years, at the end of his resources and resources, the company was insolvent. But such experiences are never in vain. This talk gets to the bottom of the causes of failure. It's about megalomania and inferiority, wrong motivation, the right time, team leadership and money. Finally, to learn from mistakes, to find the courage to get up and to lead the next project to success.