How to install a water filter on sink or faucet?

A presentation at How to install a water filter on sink or faucet? in in 4530 B St NW, Auburn, WA 98001, USA by Diqian HU

You have just acquired a water filter which is placed on the sink or which is positioned directly at the end of the tap and you are having difficulty connecting it to the tap: here are some explanations and tips which will undoubtedly make it easier for you task.

Is my faucet compatible with the installation of a water filter? Standard taps are equipped with a male M22/100 or female M24/100 thread (we are talking here about the tap and not the aerator aerator which will be female M22/10 or male M24/100) and in this case, after dismantling the aerator, the filter will be connected directly or using the male/male M24/100 and M22/100 adapter supplied with your filter. In the event that the thread of the tap is not in a standard size, there are adapters intended for the M20/100, M18/100, M16/100… thread in male or female that you will find in the adapter section from our site. Thread sizes other than those available may be investigated by us in order to assist you in the quest for this valuable part. Beware of taps with male threads tucked into the tap (in this case the male thread does not protrude) for which satisfactory connection solutions are very difficult to find. Similarly, it should be noted that the installation of a water filter on sink or faucet is relatively incompatible with faucets equipped with a hose sprayer. Indeed, the weight of the fitting, but especially of the filter (if the Serenity model faucet filter in particular) risks deploying the hose constantly and otherwise will prevent the use of the hand shower.


The following code examples from the presentation can be tried out live.