Dr. Domenico Calcaterra

A presentation at Domenico Calcaterra in in Houston, FL 32060, USA by Peter Coleman

With more than 20 years of experience as a heart surgeon, Dr. Domenico Calcaterra is a highly regarded and skilled professional. He is regarded as one of the top cardiac surgeons in the world and has performed innumerable operations. Dr. Calcaterra is adept at handling challenging situations because of his vast training in both cardiology and surgery. He is an enthusiastic physician who has a strong commitment to his patients and constantly prioritises their safety. Dr. Calcaterra is a gifted surgeon who has perfected the art of operating on hearts that are delicate enough to undergo anaesthesia yet resilient enough to survive outside of the body. His abilities have elevated him to the status of one of the most in-demand cardiac surgeons worldwide, and his patients consistently experience outstanding results as a result of his knowledge. Amazing physician Dr. Domenico Calcaterra genuinely cares about his patients and will go above and above to make sure they are satisfied with the outcomes.

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