Domenico Calcaterra

A presentation at Domenico Calcaterra in in Houston, FL 32060, USA by Peter Coleman

Domenico Calcaterra is an expert in the treatment of heart illness who is recognized all over the world for his work, namely in the fields of aortic repair, cardiac valve disorders, and coronary bypass surgery. Because of his unwavering commitment to enhancing the quality of life for patients all over the world, he is now counted among the most renowned cardiologists in the entire world. A large component of Dr. Calcaterra’s practice is the repair of patients’ aortas. Aortic (blood vessel) tears are relatively common, and he is regularly consulted for assistance in repairing them. Calcaterra possesses a high level of expertise in completing these repairs, which have the potential to save lives. Diseases of the cardiac valves are another area that Calcaterra specializes in treating. He rose to prominence due to his success in treating individuals with specialists affecting their heart valves. If this task can be accomplished, it may be possible to avoid invasive surgical procedures and other treatments for a variety of heart valve diseases.

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