Let’s Celebrate Wedding Entertainment

A presentation at Let’s Celebrate Wedding Entertainment by Entertainers Worldwide

Wedding Entertainment

A collection of the latest trends and wedding entertainment ideas from experienced entertainment professionals who work closely with couples and wedding planners to ensure that friends, family and guests of all ages have a brilliant time throughout the day.


The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.

  • Everything

    Discover how there is much more to entertaining guests than hiring a DJ for your wedding party - find inspiration and unique ideas for your wedding.

  • THE Dress

    Lots of thought and attention go into choosing the wedding dress. Opinions are mixed - from those that delight in the joy of the dress to others that find the whole dressing up show a mockable offence

  • Songs

    Who would have thought that there are wedding songs about almost anything you can think of?

  • Planning

    Getting the best singers and bands booked takes some effort and planning. Find out how the professionals prepare for this important task - see how they use online platforms to search for wedding planner near me

  • Where Shall I Start?

    Plan to prepare or prepare to fail

  • String Band

    The “Bridgerton Effect” In 2022 the TV series Bridgerton returned to Netflix with a great reception. And great reception music is now performed by this splendid string quartet. Remember to ask your group or band to clarify important details before booking

  • Wondering about Wandering Wedding Magicians?

    Magicians are a popular choice for entertainment that helps guests relax and mingle. A good wedding magician will walkabout the room and perform tricks to small groups - ideal for all ages.

    Form many couples this is a little extra - sometimes “given” as a wedding present, otherwise quite affordable