What is the variance in online casinos and how this indicator affects winnings?

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Many visitors to online casinos believe that in order to get big winnings it is enough for them to learn to find the most giving slots in the gaming halls. However, it is worth noting that even on such slots it is quite realistic to lose your entire balance. To avoid such situations, experienced players recommend always checking the level of dispersion in the selected games. Read more about what this term means, how to find out, as well as how to apply all this knowledge to winnings, below.

What is dispersion at online casinos?

Dispersion is a mathematical term that indicates the measure of deviation of a random variable from its average value. Is one of the main indicators used in statistics. At the same online casinos, the concept is used to determine the frequency of fallout winnings. In addition, it shows how much the payout level may deviate from the one declared by the manufacturer (from the RTP coefficient).

Dispersion is most often watched at online casinos, as it directly affects the profitability of the game session. The fact is that the higher its level in the online slots real money, the less likely it will fall out prize combinations. However, if they fall out, they will immediately bring the player a big win of several hundred or even thousands of bets. Also, there are games with other levels of volatility, find out more about them below. How Does Dispersion Affect Winnings at Online Casinos

As noted above, the dispersion determines the frequency of winning combinations at the slot machine. Ultimately, this figure has no effect on the profitability of the game. In this case, the main criterion is the RTP (return to player), which shows the percentage wagering made bets. However, this does not mean that you can choose slots with any level of scatter and play them on the same strategy.

Pay attention! When choosing a slot machine should use a lot of different criteria such as variance, payout percentage RTP, multipliers, the presence of bonus options, etc.

The fact that the level of dispersion in gambling directly affects the number of winning or non-winning game rounds that can go in a row. They are called “streaks” in online casinos (down streaks - losing spins drums; up streaks - winning spins). And the higher the level, the longer may be such strikes. That’s why players should always check this indicator on the selected machines and, depending on its value set the optimal bet size.

How to determine the variance of gambling and slot machines

It is quite easy to find out what dispersion is set up in certain machines placed in an online casino. And this can be done by any player at no cost or risk. To do this, there are several ways available today, each of which takes a minimum of time and helps in the search for giving slots. Consider them in detail:

Self-check. The easiest way, you can use it at any online casino slots. To do this, simply run it in demo mode and spin the reels. If prize combinations fall frequently, the scatter is low. If the winnings are rare, the scatter is high. Reviews on the Internet. At various gambling portals today, you can find information on almost all of the machines present at online casinos. Moreover, in such reviews, available information not only about the variance but also about other game parameters (RTP, multipliers, bets, bonuses, etc.). Information from the manufacturer. Some companies place information about their games directly in the slot machines themselves. Find it in a special tab, which often opens with a button marked “?

Above were presented the most simple and effective ways to quickly determine the frequency of windfall on any machine. Using them, you can always choose a suitable slot. But before that, we still recommend getting acquainted with what kinds of dispersion exist in online casinos, as well as which of them are suitable for different categories of players.

Types of dispersion on slot machines at online casinos

Each slot machine placed at online casinos has a different dispersion. Most players prefer to divide slots according to this indicator into three groups: high level, medium level, and low level. Each of these levels has its own characteristics and is suitable for different categories of players. Consider in detail each variety, as well as the most giving slots with different frequencies of falling out winnings.

High level of scattering.

Slots with a high scatter are considered the riskiest at online casinos. Despite this, however, they are in high demand among the players. The reason for this is that with such slots, you can rip quite a large sum, which not only pays back all bets made but also withdraws in a huge plus. So, if you are ready to take risks, we recommend the following games:

Immortal Romance. A popular slot from Microgaming in which you can get up to 60,000 coins from a single spin. Also, it has a higher return (RTP) and the presence of several built-in bonuses. The Wishmaster. Well-known machine from Net Ent with very high volatility, which is compensated by the large size of the maximum payment from a single spin (up to 900,000 coins). Also, the game will delight you with its bonus options and higher returns. Break Da Bank Again. The legendary game from Microgaming with a larger scatter of prize combinations that can bring from one rotation to 375,000 coins. However, waiting for such a prize will be quite a long time. Dead or Alive. Highly dispersive slot with themes of the Wild West from the manufacturer Net Entertainment. Can bring winnings of up to 54,000 coins. Rome and Glory. Not a bad game from Playtech with a high percentage of returns (96.08%) and a fairly large multipliers bet (can reach a value of x5000).

To summarize

An indicator such as dispersion perfectly helps players at online casinos to determine the appropriate slot machines for them. In addition, because of it can quickly learn about how often prize combinations will fall in a particular slot. As a result, you can select the optimal size bet with which you can exactly wait for the fallout of large multipliers without losing your balance.

Most importantly, don’t forget that when playing at online casinos, you should look not only at the level of dispersion but also at other slot machine parameters (RTP ratio, winnings, built-in bonus options, participation in tournaments, availability of jackpots, etc.). All these criteria help experienced players to find the most giving slots and get large cash prizes from them.