DesignOps Summit 2020

21 - 23 October 2020 #do2020 Event website

DesignOps Summit 2020 is a Rosenfeld Media virtual conference.

We live—and work—in difficult, punishing times, and designers need more support than ever before. That’s why resilience is our theme for DesignOps 2020. We’ll explore how individual DesignOps practitioners, teams, and organizations harness resilience to adapt, survive, and thrive.

Why Attend the 2020 DesignOps Summit?

A program that’s grounded in research We’ve been helping define Design Operations since we launched this conference in 2017. And we spend months researching what matters to DesignOps people right now, connecting this moment to the field’s longer-term evolution. This year’s program focuses on resilience—for individual DesignOps people, for DesignOps teams, and for DesignOps organizations. Learn more about this year’s program themes.

Speakers who are incredibly prepared We don’t default to inviting “big name” speakers; rather, we choose them from among the many dozens of your peers who submit proposals to present at the DesignOps Summit. We then spend months helping our speakers prepare their talks collaboratively and iteratively. The result: a well-prepared speaker line-up featuring new voices and perspectives.

Uniquely enhanced networking and learning We believe that attending together means learning together—so we’ve pioneered the concept of attendee cohorts, where you can optionally attend and discuss the conference’s content with a small group of peers, aided by facilitators. You’ll get more out of the conference’s content, and you’ll walk away with industry contacts to boot. Maybe even some new friends.

The conversation continues Once the conference is over, we’ll continue meeting, talking, and learning year-round via Rosenfeld Media’s 4,000+ strong DesignOps Community.

Created by your peers The curation team are researchers and designers who live to create game-changing conferences. We have years of collective experience developing successful programs for Advancing Research and Enterprise Experience Conferences, the Information Architecture and Leading Experience Conferences, the IxDA’s Education Summit, and other industry events.

What you’ll take away We want to make sure that you’ll hit the ground running with ideas and tactics as soon as the conference wraps up. So, as with all Rosenfeld Media conferences, we’ll provide you with plenty of high-quality content to bring back to the office. For each presentation, you’ll receive:

  • Videos
  • Decks
  • Sketchnotes
  • Session Notes