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An Introduction to UCAN Ink & Switch Community Workshop January 2022
Web3 for Fun & Profit CascadiaJS November 2021
Closing Keynote: The Jump to Hyperspace ElixirConf October 2021
UCAN for FileCoin UCAN for FileCoin August 2021
Living On the Edge CodeBEAM BR August 2021
Fireside chat on bringing more FP to Elixir CodeBEAM V 2021 May 2021
WNFS Private File Sharing Preview Fission Demo Day — March ‘21 March 2021
WebNative: How to put a full stack directly in the browser Speakeasy JS January 2021
IPFS Security WG — WNFS Prior Art IPFS Security WG January 2021
Fission Technical Roadmap — Dec 2020 Fission Demo Day December 2020 December 2020
Tryranny of Structurelessness Elixir Brasil 2020 November 2020
WebNative File System Fission Thursday Talks August 2020
Full Stack Web Apps Without a Backend, and More! Berlin Functional Programming Group June 2020
Closing Keynote: The Tyranny of Structurelessness Code BEAM Virtual May 2020
Authorizing Users Without a backend Coding Earth #1 April 2020
Opening Keynote — BEAM to the Future: Old Ideas Made New CodeBEAM SF March 2020
Calagry Edition — Universal Hostless Substrate for a Post-Servless Future Calgary Meetup: Decentralized Web, Serverless, and IPFS February 2020
A Universal Hostless Substrate for a Post-Serverless Future Fernie Internet Next February 2020
IPFS, DIDs, and Fission Decentralized Web Meetup November 2019
Opening Keynote: The Tyranny of Structurelessness Code BEAM Lite Amsterdam 2019 November 2019
Mini Antwerp Edition! Universal Hostless Substrate for a Post-Servless Future Web3 Meetup November 2019
IPFS 101 & A Bit of Fission Decentralized Web Meetup November 2019
A Universal Hostless Substrate for a Post-Serverless Future Øredev 2019 November 2019
The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Monads Øredev 2019 November 2019
Smart Contract as a Service: Using Messages to Share Contracts Ethereum DevCon October 2019
ECIP 1050: Smart Contract Status Codes Ethereum Classic Summit October 2019
IPFS 101 & the Next-Gen Web Decentralized Meetup July 2019
FISSION Deck Just want to upload my slides July 2019
Whirlwind Tour of Elixir Buffer Snack Chat June 2019
IPFS 101 & FISSION Seattle Ethereum Meetup - May 2019 May 2019
EVM Evolution: Towards a More Aggressive Execution Engine Ethereum CoreDevs Berlin - Istanbul Hardfork & Eth1x Roadmap April 2019
EVM Improvements: Performance & Safety RUN EVM - Opcode 1 April 2019
Keynote — Illuminating the Darkest of Magics: Toward a Disipline of Library Design ElixirConf EU April 2019
Bridging the Divide: a noble quest of bootstraps, sugar, and spectral pyramids LambdaDays February 2019
Exceptional: Staying on the Happy Path The Big Elixir November 2018
ERC1066: One Byte of Context Devcon 4 October 2018
Opening Keynote — Love Potion #9: Tar pits, purpose, and keeping the magic alive Empex May 2018
Don’t Let It Crash — safe and convenient error handling without the fuss ElixirDaze March 2018
Closing Keynote — Witchcraft: Monads for the Working Alchemist Elixir.LDN August 2017
Witchcraft & Quark VanFP April 2016
Use the @types, Luke VanBEAM March 2016
Witchcraft VanBEAM February 2016
Relay: Seamless Syncing for React (VanJS) VanJS January 2016
Elixir and Phoenix for Rubyists VanRuby January 2016
Gourmet Service Objects Lunch & Learn December 2014
A (very brief) into to Functional Programming Lunch & Learn November 2014

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