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Living On the Edge CodeBEAM BR August 2021
WNFS Private File Sharing Preview Fission Demo Day — March ‘21 March 2021
WebNative: How to put a full stack directly in the browser Speakeasy JS January 2021
IPFS Security WG — WNFS Prior Art IPFS Security WG January 2021
Fission Technical Roadmap — Dec 2020 Fission Demo Day December 2020 December 2020
Tryranny of Structurelessness Elixir Brasil 2020 November 2020
WebNative File System Fission Thursday Talks August 2020
Full Stack Web Apps Without a Backend, and More! Berlin Functional Programming Group June 2020
Closing Keynote: The Tyranny of Structurelessness Code BEAM Virtual May 2020
Authorizing Users Without a backend Coding Earth #1 April 2020
Opening Keynote — BEAM to the Future: Old Ideas Made New CodeBEAM SF March 2020
Calagry Edition — Universal Hostless Substrate for a Post-Servless Future Calgary Meetup: Decentralized Web, Serverless, and IPFS February 2020
A Universal Hostless Substrate for a Post-Serverless Future Fernie Internet Next February 2020
IPFS, DIDs, and Fission Decentralized Web Meetup November 2019
Opening Keynote: The Tyranny of Structurelessness Code BEAM Lite Amsterdam 2019 November 2019
Mini Antwerp Edition! Universal Hostless Substrate for a Post-Servless Future Web3 Meetup November 2019
IPFS 101 & A Bit of Fission Decentralized Web Meetup November 2019
A Universal Hostless Substrate for a Post-Serverless Future Øredev 2019 November 2019
The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Monads Øredev 2019 November 2019
Smart Contract as a Service: Using Messages to Share Contracts Ethereum DevCon October 2019
ECIP 1050: Smart Contract Status Codes Ethereum Classic Summit October 2019
IPFS 101 & the Next-Gen Web Decentralized Meetup July 2019
FISSION Deck Just want to upload my slides July 2019
Whirlwind Tour of Elixir Buffer Snack Chat June 2019
IPFS 101 & FISSION Seattle Ethereum Meetup - May 2019 May 2019
EVM Evolution: Towards a More Aggressive Execution Engine Ethereum CoreDevs Berlin - Istanbul Hardfork & Eth1x Roadmap April 2019
EVM Improvements: Performance & Safety RUN EVM - Opcode 1 April 2019
Keynote — Illuminating the Darkest of Magics: Toward a Disipline of Library Design ElixirConf EU April 2019
Bridging the Divide: a noble quest of bootstraps, sugar, and spectral pyramids LambdaDays February 2019
Exceptional: Staying on the Happy Path The Big Elixir November 2018
ERC1066: One Byte of Context Devcon 4 October 2018
Opening Keynote — Love Potion #9: Tar pits, purpose, and keeping the magic alive Empex May 2018
Don’t Let It Crash — safe and convenient error handling without the fuss ElixirDaze March 2018
Closing Keynote — Witchcraft: Monads for the Working Alchemist Elixir.LDN August 2017
Witchcraft & Quark VanFP April 2016
Use the @types, Luke VanBEAM March 2016
Witchcraft VanBEAM February 2016
Relay: Seamless Syncing for React (VanJS) VanJS January 2016
Elixir and Phoenix for Rubyists VanRuby January 2016
Gourmet Service Objects Lunch & Learn December 2014
A (very brief) into to Functional Programming Lunch & Learn November 2014

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