Living On the Edge

A presentation at CodeBEAM BR by Brooklyn Zelenka

The BEAM is exceptional for distributed systems, concurrency, and soft-realtime workloads. This makes it a wonderful fit for the cloud computing era of the past decade, but whatโ€™s next? Network assumptions are changing for the first time in 20+ years: new technologies like StarLink and 5G are leading to a shift in edge and low-latency computing. To handle the new causal limits and bumping into the speed of light, we will need to be able to grapple with multiple sources of truth, leverage commons networks & dynamic swarms, and allow for the movement of compute to data. In this keynote, Brooklyn will share some R&D being done at Fission and elsewhere for edge- and local-first computing, a few techniques that you can apply today for distributed computing, and vision for how Elixir can position itself as the premier ecosystem for this developing era.