The Workflows Specification - The missing piece of the API puzzle?

A presentation at APIDays London in in London, UK by Frank Kilcommins

The API Workflows Specification, being developed under the OpenAPI Initiative, which aims to compliment current specifications such as, OpenAPI and AsyncAPI, by enabling the ability to define and document workflows, which are a series of API calls that together accomplish a specific business objective. This will provide a deterministic recipe for using APIs and enable code generation tooling for a given API(s) based on use-cases. Additionally, the specification will improve regulatory checks, bridge gaps where use-case flows span multiple API definitions. In general, there’s enormous potential to enhance the developer experience (DX) and API documentation by enabling graphical rendering of workflows, the specification will improve human understanding of how to consume API endpoints to achieve a goal. Workflow documents can stay up to date and be assertable against the underlying APIs, reducing the need for out-of-band documentation sharing, and reduce the time and effort required to implement complex workflows, and automate testing and other repetitive tasks. Overall, the API Workflows Specification will improve the capability of API specifications to tell the story of the API(s) in a manner that can improve interoperability across many industries.