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Feminised Seeds put their expert minds together & created this genius strain. Big Bag is simply the best in every single way including power, yield & effect. Seriously High THC Levels - 22% in Lab Tests High Yield Indoors & Out With 8-9 Weeks of Finish from £10.49 More Info Zuri Widow.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds Feminized cannabis seeds are bred to contain no male chromosomes, so they’ll only grow female plants. That makes these seeds the ideal choice for growers looking for a quick and easy grow. Find your next favourite sativa or indica, THC or CBD strain today, and start growing tomorrow! Why choose feminized seeds?

How are feminised seeds created? The overall concept sounds deceptively simple: Breed females with other females to produce feminised seeds. In order for any breeding to go on, however, pollination from a male plant is essential.

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