Gant Laborde

Gant Laborde

CIO of @infinite_red, Immortal (so far), Organizer @ChainReactConf, Open Sourcerer, Published Author, Worldwide Speaker, Top Psychic in 2025, Adjunct Professor

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Taming the Machine React Native EU September 2018
React Native Ignite React Finland April 2018
Environment Sanity Checking with Node JazzCon.Tech March 2018
Interview Powerup District 68 Super TLI January 2018
React Native Ignite React Native EU September 2017
React Native Ignite Coder Cruise July 2017
Coding React Native with the Pros React Amsterdam April 2017
eleGant Ruby Tech Talent South October 2015
Validating Your Existence RubyMotion Inspect July 2015

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