Validating Your Existence

A presentation at RubyMotion Inspect in in Paris, France by Gant Laborde

  1. Validating your existence... a deep, introspective, philosophical discussion that surprisingly has nothing to do with philosophy. It would also be ideal to add a hint of red to the Ruby logo
  2. Who am I...before moving on to the next slide it would be ideal for you to convey your level of expertise in the general field of technology and then elaborate more specifically on coding.
  3. that you've presented 2 colorful drawings, it would be nice for you to give credit to the artist. Then quickly go back to talking about you "yeah, yeah... he's great... but more about me". Also... as a joke to referencing the "unknown" wrestler in the mask. "you know.... working in technology can at times be a thankless job and very few people ever get to meet me face to face... luckily, I'm accustomed to that. I'm sure some of you can relate"
  4. (surfer) ... totally forgot what that was there for.
  5. Infinite red...some quick info about the company, the staff, how you became involved and how far you and the company have come.
  6. Talk about...(totally forgot what those faces are called or who started them). "Okay, back to the subject at hand.

...continuing through the next few slides- it's great to respect the general level of knowledge of the audience but it's also polite to clarify and explain and acronyms that you're going to use and to elaborate, even just slightly, on any specialized jargon.

speak well of the guy's you mention. Give a "shot out" as I'm sure they'll be in the audience. Maybe even make a joke about one of them owing you money and that you kept your word and traveled all the way to Paris to "find them".

  1. Friday..."I'm sorry about that... seems like no matter what program I syncs with my Facebook photos. Sheesh."
  2. Broken but... perhaps you recite an excerpt from a famous poem and then get into the deeper, more relevant meaning of it.
  3. Custom Validations... "you'll notice this is my second explosion... which makes me the Michael Bay of tech presentations."
  4. Hanging with... "you'll notice my hesitance in shaking his hand... due always says he's going to call me... Thankfully his schedule is freeing up next year."


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