Gradient circus

A presentation at Decompress in in Melbourne VIC, Australia by Gilmore Davidson

Roll up! Roll up! Come one, come all, see the amazing gradients!

  • MARVEL at the colourful creations!
  • BE ASTOUNDED by the many tricks they can perform!
  • UNCOVER the mysteries of how they really work!

But BE WARNED — This talk has a high chance of using MATHS!

With use cases ranging from the solidly practical to the sublimely absurd, CSS gradients are a valuable tool for any web developer. This talk will explain the different types of gradients, how to use them in weird and wonderful ways, and how they’re linked to animating colour values. There’ll also be a diversion into the mathematics of how CSS gradients work, what differentiates them from canvas and SVG, and the tricks that browsers use to make them look even nicer.