TIL warum nicht GROẞ

A presentation at Tech Talk @ Tagesspiegel by Gunnar Bittersmann

Unicode und das große ẞ


The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.

  • Unicode Character Database: Special Casing

    This file is a supplement to the UnicodeData.txt file. It does not define any properties, but rather provides additional information about the casing of Unicode characters, for situations when casing incurs a change in string length or is dependent on context or locale.

  • Q&A Session with Mark Davis, President and Co-Founder of Unicode

    Mark Davis answers my question: The (Latin uppercase sharp S) has beed added as U+1E9E a while ago. However, CLDR still defines ß (lowercase sharp s) being uppercased to SS which seems wrong to me as a native German speaker. Are there any plans to change this behavior yet? What would it take to do so?

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