What Are Different Kinds Of Luxury Gift Boxes You Can Have

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Every year around holidays, people go to different shops to search for the right kind of luxury gift box. This is why they are popular in demand, and most brands have them separately. Selling a luxury gift box is not explicitly bound to any particular industry. You can be a cosmetic brand and have gift boxes for sale.

However, before jumping into the business, you must know luxury gift boxes wholesale rates. The market price of these boxes differs from the wholesale rates, and there is an apparent reason for that.

You can search for different companies providing luxury gift box wholesale rates and compare them to the wholesale gift boxes uk rates.

Luxury gift boxes wholesale uk rates differ as the size and shape of the box change. One thing to remember before buying the boxes is that all these sizes and shapes are made of only one material; rigid boxes.

There are the following different kinds of luxury gift boxes to have:

  • Covered Top Gift Boxes

  • Magnetic Boxes With Side Opening

  • Paper Base With Top Lid

  • Rotating Top Cover

  • Book Style Gift Box

  • Drawer Gift Box

  • Window Style Gift Box

  • Round Gift Box

Removable Top Gift Boxes

Luxury gift boxes wholesale rates are available in the market for these completely removable top gift boxes. The completely removable top gift boxes are what we see when we buy shoes. The lid is not attached to the bottom and comes off ultimately. You can use these gift boxes as customers most likely want to have these gift boxes.

You can customise them according to your preference: the shape, size and even the colour. You can go for a totally opaque look with a black colour on the outside and inside.

Or you can use pastels to make it a little soothing. It is always an excellent option to have at least three different designs and colours, so customers don’t have to go to another shop for gift boxes.

Magnetic Boxes With Side Opening

Removable top lids are most likely to get ambushed by children; therefore, another option to have is magnetic boxes with side openings. It uses a magnetic to the side of the lid to open the box, but it is not entirely open.

The top of the box is attached to the base while only the side is opened.

Customers want these types of gift boxes when they don’t want the kids at home to make a mess out of their gift boxes. You can have them in different styles and colours as there are four sides; you can use left, right or the middle as an opening.

Luxury gift boxes wholesale rates help determine what market price you can have for these magnetic boxes as they are slightly different due to the magnet used.

Paper Base With Top Lid

Another gift box is in which the base is covered with tough paper. The lid comes off, detaching itself from the bottom. The rigid box is also covered with paper and is mainly used by customers gifting stationary to someone.

Since the paper is also a part of stationary, these boxes are also found in educational institutions to keep the coloured pencils safe.

Use bright colours with little stripes or bows on the top to attract your customers and make them live with different design ideas. Luxury gift boxes wholesale companies also provide customised paper base gift boxes at different rates and styles.

Rotating Top Cover

The rotating top cover must not be confused with bookstyle because this cover rotates to 360 degrees and attaches itself to the base of the box with the magnet it has inside. These gifts are primarily used when someone has to gift quilts or baby clothes. But it can be used for anything.

Luxury gift boxes wholesale market deals with selling and purchasing rotating top covers. Maybe someone needs this style for the secret Santa, and they come to you.

Make sure to have different styles and designs in stock so they can also come to you the next time.

Book Style Gift Box

As the name suggests, it opens like a book, but customers can use it for any type of gift, not just for readers. Book style gift boxes are high in demand because of the unique experience.

You can use the customised book-style gift boxes and inscribe little heartfelt messages on the inside of the lid, which is opened to reveal the contents inside. Luxury gift boxes wholesale companies use these Book Style gift boxes the most because of their demand.

Book Style boxes are used in many industries, so customers trust the material when they see one made for gifting purposes. That is why you must have them.

Drawer Gift Box

Have you ever heard of small drawers inside a gift box? Yes, you can also stack these drawer gift boxes because who knows when a customer comes looking for something elegant yet different.

There are not many luxury gift boxes wholesale companies dealing with such unique gift boxes as of now but there are a few.

You can use your bright and vibrant ideas in these drawer gift boxes and make them exciting by giving unique colours to each drawer.

These gift boxes are used when someone wants to gift makeup or jewellery to someone. However, it is not limited to these two things.

Window Style Gift Box

Sweets, cupcakes, and chocolates are packaged inside these window-style gift boxes. They have a giant or small window made out of plastic. The top opens while still attached to the bottom. But sometimes, the top comes off.

You can use all your ideas and search the internet for different ideas to make these boxes more attractive. Having these window-style gift boxes is necessary because the customer usually comes looking for something that can show off their gift a little bit.

Luxury gift boxes wholesale companies have different styles for windows in gift boxes; each one is a sight to behold.

Round Gift Box

Rarely used, these gift boxes are one of the most beautiful types you can ever see. These round gift boxes are sometimes covered with good-quality clothes that add a luxury look to the gift box.

However, they can also be in different colours without the draping clothe on top of it. They look like small stools you place in your home; thus, they are striking when a customer first lands their eyes on these special boxes.

Luxury gift boxes wholesale companies are not very sure about this style, but it is setting the trend in the market, and in a few years, these round boxes will be all over the internet.

Summing It Up

Luxury gift boxes wholesale rates are the perfect fit for any brand that wishes to have a side business. Having these luxury gift boxes not only comes in handy around special occasions but also remains in business throughout the year.

Because every day, there is a birthday or someone’s promotion. People look forward to these luxury gift boxes, which is why you must have them.

Window gift boxes wholesale rates are different for every packaging company, and you must look at every feature before buying these boxes from any of them.

Ensure the rates before signing a deal with one of the companies. The most important thing is the material, which you must never compromise because a customer needs the best material for gifting items.