Living Personas: A Hands-On Accessibility Experience

A presentation at Florida Drupal Camp in in Orlando, FL, USA by Helena McCabe

Presented in Partnership with Carie Fisher

In this interactive experience, we will start off by talking about how people with disabilities use the internet and how we can make websites more inclusive. Once you’re briefed on the ABC’s of a11y, we’ll delve a little deeper into different personas within the disability community and how web accessibility relates to the specific needs within. You may even get a chance to join in!

Whether you’re a seasoned accessibility pro or you’ve never heard of it before, technical or non-technical, you’ll be able to follow along, participate, and gain valuable new knowledge and insight about how to make your websites more inclusive.

Attendees will leave this session with:

  • A greater understanding of the specific needs of people with disabilities online
  • Tips and tricks to alleviate accessibility challenges when developing a website
  • Links to valuable tools and resources to use in your own projects
  • Fabulous prizes to be won!

Note: ’Fabulous’ is a subjective term and fabulousness of prizes may vary by personal opinion


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