Hans-Peter Grahsl

Hans-Peter Grahsl

Software Engineer, Technical Trainer, Consultant, Associate Lecturer & irregular Conference Speaker - compensating with sportive activities. Proud husband, lion-hearted dad and Nespresso aficionado :)

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From ksqlDB with LOVE: Detecting 007 with a Dash of Machine Learning Confluent VUG - Online Apache Kafka Meetup Event July 2020
Streaming ETL on the Shoulders of Giants VoxxedDays Ticino 2019 October 2019
Streaming Data on the Shoulders of Giants MongoDB.local London 2019 September 2019
Streaming ETL on the Shoulders of Giants MongoDB World 2019 June 2019
Microsoft Azure <3 Open Source Tech Global Azure Bootcamp April 2019
Taming IoT Data: Making Sense of Sensors with SQL Streaming Voxxed Days Zurich March 2019
Stateful & Reactive Stream Processing Applications Without a Database Voxxed Days Ticino October 2018

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