Joy vs. Time

A presentation at Staithes Festival of Arts and Heritage in in Staithes, UK by Jack Barber

Exploring the boundaries between art and design, discussing how one informs the other and how both are affected by the technological advances we experience.

During the talk we’ll produce an interactive digital artwork using data harvested at this year’s Staithes Festival. I’ll also provide lots of suggestions for tools, software and resources which might help you take your first steps in digital design or start tinkering with technology.

No coding experience necessary.


The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.

  • Raspberry Pi

    The Raspberry Pi Foundation, full to the brim with useful information, ideas, circuit designs, Python tutorials and so on. A great place to get started.

  • Pimoroni

    Pimoroni are a UK distributor of Raspberry Pi boards, power supplies, SD cards etc. as well as a whole host of other electronic devices and components. Definitely worth checking out if you're looking to purchase some stuff!

  • Staithes Photos

    Photos taken by the camera at Staithes Festival 2016 - recognise anyone?

  • Etcher

    Etcher is a fantastic tool for flashing SD cards (putting operating systems like Raspbian on SD cards) - it's really easy to use and available for all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux).

  • Sparkfun

    Information about Sparkfun products, but also plenty of tutorials and information to help you get started building things.

  • Brendan Dawes

    Personal website of designer/maker/artist Brendan Dawes - lots of inspiration and ideas here!