Do you want to build a blockchain?

A presentation at DevConf in in Kraków, Poland by James Allardice

Blockchain. Is there likely to be a bigger buzzword over the next few years? As more and more cryptocurrencies make their debuts, the underlying technology is starting to mature and businesses from a wide range of industries are starting to take note.

This talk will explore some of the key concepts from a JavaScript point of view. We'll start by putting together a simple blockchain, progress to adding peer-to-peer networking to allow the nodes in our network to communicate, proof of work so that those nodes can trust the data they receive, and finally a transaction system to put that blockchain to use.

You'll go away with a solid understanding of core blockchain and cryptocurrency concepts that should give you a great head start as we head into a landscape increasingly dominated by such technologies.


The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.