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Sydney NSW, Australia

Sydney Content Strategy Meetup - October 2019

How to Design a World-Class Content Design Team

“Why can’t content strategists work on 12 teams each? They just write the words!”

Content leaders face challenges from others who don’t understand their work, their processes, the impact their team makes, and why their team is so unhappy. This makes it hard to make teams successful, keep them together, and grow them over time.

There’s a better way forward: doing less, better. It helped me grow my team by over 500% and it can help you, too. In this session, you’ll learn proven ways to grow and lead your content team to success in both large and small organizations.

28 October 2019

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Sydney NSW, Australia

Web Directions Summit

A Content-First Approach to Product Onboarding

At some point you need to write the content of your onboarding: words, sentences, value props, the works. Ultimately, it’s the content that helps your users achieve their goals.

That’s a lot of heavy lifting for just a few bits of text. As it turns out, writing your onboarding is a real job, and it’s often harder than you might think. The hardest part of all is figuring out where to start.

Here’s an approach and a few tools that make it easier to create a great onboarding experience.

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01 November 2019

Sydney NSW, Australia

Web Directions Summit

Masterclass — How to be clear: the elements of content design


On October 30, the day before Summit, spend a day with Jonathon Colman, content strategist extraordinaire.

Designing content is hard because writing for people is hard. And writing for mobile apps and experiences is even harder still. How do you find the right voice, develop effective principles and standards, and agree with people on what you mean when you say what you say?

This workshop gives you the tools and experiences you need to make content design easier, faster, better, and more manageable in your organization. You’ll leave with the knowledge and frameworks you need to scale your content design across all of your interactive products, websites, and other experiences as your organization grows.

What you’ll learn

Content doesn’t mean “write the words” any more than design means “make it pretty.” When you design content, you‘re creating an experience with words.

That’s why this workshop covers:

  • A complete, end-to-end process for approaching content design for websites and apps
  • A process for discovering your organization’s core values—and use them to guide all of your content
  • A model for designing content from high-level principles to standards all the way down to individual terms
  • A way to conduct—and get the most out of—the design critique process so that you can iterate on your work and build strong teams

Who it’s for

This workshop is best for the people who make content happen in your organization: writers, designers, product managers, information architects, and marketers.

What to bring

  • You
  • Your laptop, mobile device, or notebook
  • Your big, juicy brain (caffeine optional)

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30 October 2019

Dublin, Ireland

Defuse: Design for Use by Dublin IxDA

“Make the Unclear Clear”

Our hopes for 2020 don’t matter if no one understands them. Make the unclear be clear or they won’t matter.


Note: I’ve always been inspired by Abby Covert, who’s an IA for Etsy. “Make the unclear clear” is her quote. You should visit her site at and see her amazing book, “How to Make Sense of Any Mess” at

06 November 2019