Content Editing Challenges in a Decoupled (Drupal) Environment

A presentation at DrupalCon Prague 2022 in in Prague, Czechia by Jeremy Chinquist

The standard Drupal 9 content editing experience is on-par with other major CMS systems. An editor is logged in and viewing their article on the front-end, then they click a tab to go to the back-end and edit their content. In order to view their changes, they go away from the edit form and preview.

Decoupled systems add another layer of complexity. An editor is not necessarily logged in. The changes are not immediately visible. There is no administration toolbar. As a result, editor UX suffers and editors often reject the decoupled system. Don’t make that mistake.

This short talk centers around how we addressed these problems. What tools we developed to connect the dots. I will give insights our company learned from over 2 years of working in decoupled Drupal systems.