The Various Ways To Style Jeans And A T-Shirt

A presentation at The Various Ways To Style Jeans And A T-Shirt by Emma Young

The classic jeans and t-shirt combination has been the staple of worldwide wardrobes for decades, transcending age, gender, body type and style preference. The beauty of this simple outfit base lies in its versatility. While jeans and a t-shirt is the ultimate casual look, there are countless ways of styling this outfit to make it suitable for several different occasions. Let’s take a look at some of the many ways you can switch up this age-old classic ensemble. 

A Long Coat And Boots

Styling your jeans and t-shirt with a long-line coat and boots is an excellent way to make your simple base appropriate for the mild Spring weather. Start with a well-fitting white t-shirt tucked into tailored, dark-wash jeans and opt for a structured calf-length woollen coat - you could go for a neutral tone such as camel or make a statement with fuchsia or emerald. This simple layering technique will make you feel polished and put together without exerting too much effort. 

Casual And Comfortable

Jeans and a t-shirt is a standard go-to choice for a casual look when you need to run some errands or meet a friend for morning coffee. That said, you can still elevate this simple look, so it exudes personality and charm. Opt for comfortable, high-waisted mom jeans and a simple crew neck or scoop neck t-shirt. Choose your best pair of crisp, white sneakers, an oversized slouchy cardigan, finishing with simple jewellery and a cross-body bag.

Elegantly Monochrome

There is nothing quite like the simple elegance of a monochrome outfit. Plain, black skinny jeans and a black shirt is a fantastic starting point for a number of different looks. For example, you could keep things modest by adding subtle jewellery and knee-high black boots or create contrast with a statement coat, scarf or belt. You can achieve the same effect with an all-white look, perfect for sunny garden parties and other smart-casual events. 


Ultra-high-waisted jeans are quintessential of fashion inspired by 1950s casual wear. You can create a delightfully feminine pinup-inspired look with a plain white or striped t-shirt tucked into a pair of dark wash or black high-waisted cropped jeans. Elevate this look with a cute patterned silk headscarf or a vibrant hair flower. For shoes, opt for ankle strap flats, court heels or opera pumps, depending on the occasion. 

High-Fashion Statement

When you think of “high fashion”, jeans and a t-shirt probably isn’t what you have in mind. However, a pair of statement jeans can look exceptionally fashion-forward, particularly when paired with a comparatively plain t-shirt. Samsoe t shirts may look relatively plain and simple, but premium heavyweight organic cotton will make you feel as extravagant as you look. Finish your look with some eye-catching accessories, such as quirky sunglasses and a statement designer handbag. 

Graphic Tees

A t-shirt doesn’t need to be plain black, white or grey. Bold graphic tees are excellent for adding personality to your outfit so that you can showcase your favourite band’s merch or a fun slogan. Opt for a distressed, oversized graphic tee, tucking just the front into some ripped boyfriend jeans and style with chunky boots for an edgy, grungy aesthetic. Alternatively, you could pair your graphic tee with some super-skinny black jeans and ankle boots for a more polished look. 

The Return Of The Low-Rise

There’s no escaping it; the early 2000s are back - micro-mini skirts, bedazzled accessories and low-rise jeans. While you may have gleefully left your Y2K phase in 2005, generation Z is fully embracing the vintage stylings of the new millennium, only twenty years later. Low-rise jeans aren’t for everybody. Many consider them uncomfortable and unflattering; however, if you’re a fan, then wear them with pride. Style your Y2K jeans with platform sneakers and a slightly cropped t-shirt to show a hint of midriff. 

Business-Casual Workwear

Everybody loves dress-down Friday! That said, the boundaries of what is and isn’t considered “professional attire” are constantly expanding and becoming more flexible to align with modern standards. Therefore, depending on your workplace’s dress code, you could wear jeans and a t-shirt for a distinctly professional workwear ensemble. Opt for chic, black straight-leg jeans and a neutral-toned high-quality cotton t-shirt. Style your base with a tailored blazer, loafers and some subtle gold or silver jewellery pieces.