Our New Typography: dynamic typesetting, variable fonts, and a million digital devices

A presentation at ATypI in in Tokyo, Japan by Jason Pamental

Modern developments one the web make it easier than ever to create robust, scalable, elegant typographic systems. Add variable fonts and things get really exciting. We’ll look at how to combine them all to create a whole new way to think about design on digital devices. We’ll see how they work together by using some variable fonts in layouts that work across screen dimensions, accessibility needs, design requirements, and even network speeds—better than you thought possible. This is critical because it’s not possible to explicitly control typesetting relationships: they’ve all become relative, and are tied to the reader’s preferences. By letting go what we can’t control and embracing new capabilities, we can reimagine what great typography can be, and take it where it’s never been before.

I’ll also be showing the road ahead for web font performance with a sneak peak at what the W3C Web Font Working Group is researching, including a live demo of Google’s proof-of-concept showcasing the font serving speed increase potential.

[Note: the embedded presentation isn’t quite perfect in how it scales, but it’s at last mostly readable :)]



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