34 Truths We Learned About Kubernetes and Edge

A presentation at Kubecon Europe 2020 by Karthik Gaekwad

With Saiyam Pathak, Walmart Labs & Karthik Gaekwad, Verica

Running Kubernetes on the Edge has gained a lot of popularity this year, but it is still complicated to develop, deploy, and maintain at scale.

In this talk, the speakers will demo how to run Kubernetes on Raspberry Pi clusters at scale from their experiences at Walmart Labs and Oracle Cloud. They will demo machine learning use cases on Raspberry Pi’s using the K3s distribution.

Further, they will go into details of why K3s might be a good fit for k8s running on edge scenarios, how it is different from the regular Kubernetes distribution, and how it works under the hood.

Talk outline:

  • Introduction to Kubernetes and Edge computing
  • Problems faced with Edge devices involving Kubernetes
  • K3s solutions for the Edge
  • Demo: Running Kubernetes on Raspberry Pi’s using k3s
  • Challenges using k3s on edge devices
  • Speaker Recommendations for Kubernetes on edge



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