Kitty Giraudel

Kitty Giraudel

Hi there, I’m Kitty! ✨

I’m an accessibility & diversity advocate working in Berlin. I’ve also authored 2 books on CSS, and countless articles.

My pronouns are “they/them” or “she/her”.

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Clever, Stop Being So CSS-Minsk-Js September 2017
Clever, Stop Being So DEVit Conference May 2017
Local styling with CSS Modules From the Front - The Frontend Guide to Life, the Universe and Everything September 2016
Local styling with CSS Modules DEVit Conference 2016 May 2016
Three Years of Purging Sass Frontend Conference Zurich 2015 August 2015
Keep Calm And Write Sass dotCSS 2014 November 2014
Sass, une architecture composée FeWeb May 2014
Des CSS Kick-Ass avec Sass KiwiParty June 2013

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