Local styling with CSS Modules

A presentation at From the Front - The Frontend Guide to Life, the Universe and Everything in in Bologna, Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italy by Kitty Giraudel

CSS is well known for being aggressively global. This very behaviour makes it difficult to scale. Style isolation and dead code elimination are only two of the many problems encountered when working with CSS on large and long-lasting codebases.

That’s why a lot of clever people came up with a lot of clever ideas to make it easier to write locally-scoped, easy-to-test, composable and scalable CSS. Among these ideas, one seems to have gained a lot of traction lately: CSS Modules.

In this talk, we will see what are CSS Modules, what they intend to solve, and how to use them. I think you’ll be surprised how little difference there is between authoring CSS Modules, and preprocessor-powered stylesheets.


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