Surviving your job with ADD

A presentation at DrupalJam 2018 in in Utrecht, Netherlands by Levi Govaerts

Having ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder makes performing on the job very tough. Not too many people understand how difficult it can be to do some very basic tasks as a daily standup meeting or watching sessions at DrupalCon. During this session I will share some very handy tips on how I tackled ADD during my career and how it can help others who suffer from this disorder as well.

A high level overview of the session;

  • How I survived or did not survive school
  • Paying attention during my first job
  • Challenging ADD by adding another language
  • Attending sessions at Drupal(Con/Camp)
  • Listening to other people in general

The main purpose of this session is to raise awareness for this disorder so that people don’t get mad on me when I don’t look interested when they’re talking.