The Art of Stakeholdering

A presentation at 2017 Global Service Design Conference in in Madrid, Spain by Markus Grupp

Workshop facilitated by Chelsea Omel, Patrick Bach and Markus Grupp

As service design practitioners working within organizations, what can we do to ensure that those who hold the keys to critical decisions are aligned with our vision? Creating and delivering on amazing service experiences inevitably requires stakeholder involvement and support from front of house and supporting teams as diverse as marketing, technology, product, operations, legal, and security. Thinking about how you might tailor your approach to best engage these stakeholders as part of your project planning up front can help to minimize some of the common pitfalls and frustrations of practicing service design within a large organization.

Whether you are part of an in-house team or an external agency, this workshop gets hands-on with an easy-to-use framework for understanding your stakeholders, as well as techniques for building alignment and support for a service design approach within an organization.


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